Turkey/Syria charity backgammon & Tavla event
Prize board donated by Mochy

Due to the massive earthquake and its aftershocks near the border between Turkey and Syria, a very large number of victims have been reported, and many people have lost their homes and have been forced to evacuate. As a human and a lover of the same game, we are holding this event to support the victims.

Date and Time: Tuesday, March 7, 18:00-22:00
Registration starts at 18:00, games start at 18:30 (latecomers are welcome)

Venue : Daikanyama Cafe Michelangelo (https://www.hiramatsurestaurant.jp/eng/michelangelo/)

Entry fee: 5,000 yen (all goes to victims)
Donation: Optional (donation 10,000 yen or over will be eligible for the raffle)
*Food and drink will be charged individually

Backgammon tournament with tavla rules (Traditional Turkey/Syria rule). Round robin without a cube. With gammon win but no backgammon win. Opening doublet possible. Prizes for winners.

Wooden backgammon board (worth 50,000 yen) purchased in Turkey by Mochy.
Other sponsored products

How to register: No advance registration is required. Please come directly to the venue on the day of the event. The donation of items as prizes is very welcome.

Japan Backgammon Society

Cooperation: Ristorante ASO

<History between the Japan Backgammon Society and the Turkish Backgammon Association>

Every year a Japanese delegation participates in a tournament in Turkey, the sacred land of backgammon, and we have had numerous exchanges with local players.

When the Great East Japan Earthquake struck in 2011, Turkey held a charity tournament and send the money raised to the victims. As a return, Japan sent an autographed board, and World Champion “Mochy” played an exhibition game with the winner.

In October of the same year, when the earthquake hit east part of Turkey, JBS held a tournament to raise a donation to support victims.

Turkish charity tournament in 2011, for Japan earthquake & tsunami
Japanese Charity tournament in 2011, for Turkish Van earthquake



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